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Web-Harvest the best, the good, the fast – way to save information

Doesn`t ¬†matter you want to save xml file, ¬†pictures, html or any other format of file the best way to do that is to use Java/Groovy function with Web-harvest : A : The built-in function I know it looks much … Continue reading

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Install Proxy Certificate on Ubuntu

Open a SSH console to your Ubuntu machine and follow the steps: 1. Create a directory for proxy CA certificate in /usr/share/ca-certificates sudo mkdir /usr/share/ca-certificates/proxy 2. Copy the ‘.crt’ file to the directory sudo cp cert.crt /usr/share/ca-certificates/proxy/cert.crt 3. Add the … Continue reading

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Read QR Code using ZXing library in Windows Console application (C#)

1. Download the library from 2. Create a new Console Application 3. Add reference zxing.dll to your project 4. Paste the following sample code (.Net 4.0) in your Program.cs file using System; using ZXing; using ZXing.Common; using System.Drawing; namespace … Continue reading

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